Megan Hunter - About Me
I grew up in the mountains of Big Bear
Lake but came down to LA for college,
and have been here (mostly) ever since.
I miss the animals: the birds that would
tweet sweet songs for my amusement,
the squirrels that would dance for my
bemusement, and the donkeys that
would eat my fence. You heard me. I
also found myself the owner of a
six-footed cat. You'd think that this
would make her faster or stronger in
some way, but you'd be
Hmm, what else...what random bits of
trivia can I put down here to aid others
in the pursuit of ID theft. I quit smoking
a few years back. I started the creative
writing club back at my high school, but
never actually went because I also joined
the golf team, which I somehow never
actually went to either, just so I could
earn the jacket, which I did, but never
actually got. I don't call my mother
enough. I like cheese, I love milk, but
that in-between stage...not so much.
Facts Obscura

· Collects historic compasses and puts hot
sauce on everything (except the compasses.)

· Is prone to start speaking in horribly
specific computer "geek speak" at random

· Is writing and illustrating a children's story
about a mop who wants to be a witch's
About Me