Megan Hunter - Animation
Mattel had two different digital groups.
Creative Services creates commercials
for public release. Our group, Mattel
CGI, was for in-house concept and
presentation. It's a tool for designers,
and I'm afraid I can't show you the bulk
of my work there. Anything that hasn't
been released yet, or will never be
released, is top secret. Since they
design four or five concepts for every
toy that they actually release, that
comes out to
quite a lot of videos!
I add the best films here whenever past
projects make it to the shelves, as well as
new surprises.

Since some of these were a team effort,
my initials will appear in the corner of
every scene I was responsible for:
As animation is my focus in digital imagery,
I make it a point to practice it in any form I
come across.

· 3D Animation and Particle Effects
· Hand Drawn Animation
· Flash and After Effects
· Broadcast Graphics
· Stop Motion
· Morphing
· Rotoscoping and Green Screen
· Filming and Video Editing
Animation Examples
Animation Examples
These movies use a
very high compression...
my reel alone went
from 3.5 gig to 3.5 meg!
If you're having trouble
viewing them, make
sure you've downloaded
QuickTime 7.1 or later.

You can update your
Quicktime here.
For ease of viewing or
sharing, these may also
be downloaded to your
hard drive. Just right
click and choose the
"Save As" option.