Welcome to the Client Portal, where you can view the progress of your
project, check your quote and invoice costs, and download any applicable
files. Only my clients may access this service, and it is in addition to any
physical hand-ins we've already planned. Simply enter your login and
password in the field below.
Megan Hunter - Client Portal
This server is hosted by Yahoo and is equipped with the strongest privacy
protections. Only you and I have access to your space here, and no other
client can accidentally see it. I understand the fears associated with the Net,
though, so no worries. This is a completely optional service determined by
you at the start of your project, and can be changed at any time. It's simply
an extra, convenient way to check up on the status of your job.

If you decide to enable it, your client page and all its data are deleted from this
site upon completion of your project, unless we have several ongoing at once.
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