Megan Hunter - Introduction
I was fortunate to work in the
computer animation department of
Mattel Toys since its inception.
Hoping to expand their concepts and
production through the aid of
computers, they brought me on as Lead
Animator because of my focus in
traditional animation and child
psychology. And working with some
very talented modelers and leaders,
Mattel CGI began.
My responsibilities grew to include all
aspects of digital imagery, as well as
project management, coordination with
outside companies, and the day to day
administrative tasks. Personal matters
took me to the east coast for 2007, and I
returned after a year abroad. Over my
years at Mattel I was lucky to be able to
wear a lot of hats, and since my return I
had done almost entirely product design
work, and illustrations for their Disney
department as that is my natural style.
My true love, however, has always been
developing intellectual property. I find
story development, especially for children,
to be very rewarding. I'd been hoping to
transfer into a more narrative role at Mattel,
to which they were very amiable.
Unfortunately there just wasn't anything
open, and to that end I'm definitely hoping
to find a position that takes part in the
story to some degree. I can also draw talking
bunny rabbits until the cows come
home...then I'll draw them talking too.