Megan Hunter - Resume

· Received the Mattel 2002
Achievement for Worldwide Excellence
Award for "Excellence in improving the
execution of the existing toy business,"
through the integration of computer
generated imagery into the pipeline.

· Won First Place for Best New
Concept in the 2003 Designorama.

Maya, 3D Studio Max, Rhino, Surfacer,
Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects,
Illustrator, Flash, Director,
Dreamweaver, Combustion, Miraii,
Nichiman, Go Live, Elastic Reality,
Quark, Microsoft Office, Powerpoint.

Fluent in PC and Mac.

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Digital Media (2000)
Otis College of Art and Design

· Focus in animation and child psychology.

· Accelerated honors programs for english
and art history.

· Continuing education through Maya
Masters program classes and others.
· Lead Animator of the computer animation division of Mattel Toys for the past five years.
Created and oversaw computer generated 3D animation for TV drivers, pitches, focus testing,
sizzles and trailers, b-sheets, Toy Faire and animatics for such lines as Harry Potter, Batman, Hot
Wheels, Barbie, Masters of the Universe, Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers, Blue Sky and Pixar.

· Managed other animators, both in-house and temporary by assignment, in all aspects of
computer animation, in addition to filming and video editing, DVD authoring, and web site design.
Met goal of adding new services and skillsets to Mattel CGI each year, joining the design team by
creating new concepts digitally and manipulating 3D scan data for production. Gained much
experience in designing and programming computer and video games for brands, and working with
outside companies to accomplish the same.

· Mattel liaison to other companies to gather and translate digital files from their movies to aid in
development time of our licensed toys. Designed and created digital asset management system to
store all Mattel CGI projects and files efficiently, later joining team to enable asset management
across all of Mattel and its subsidiaries Fisher-Price, Matchbox and Tyco.

· Duties increased in 2005 to include illustration, packaging, and product design from concept
through costing, utilizing knowledge of children's play patterns and ages to meet developmental
goals, and communicating those final products and costs to Hong Kong. Duties increased in 2006
to include script writing, flowcharts and story preservation of outside licenses.